Our college administrative building is well built up.It has 15 rooms and various sections are situated which includes administration office, Principal’s cabin, staff room, seminar hall, class rooms, Library, reading room, Laboratory, etc. Our college office is well- furnished and computerized with automation software, having ICT tools. The functioning of office is student-centric. The staff room & Library with all facilities like basic furniture, internet facility along with CCTVs. The location of office, Principal’s cabin and staff room is very convenient for students to approach.

Information of Rooms Dimension

Sr.No Room No Room Use For SQM
1 1 Room For Principal 29.25
2 2 Room For Staff Room 56.74
3 3 Class Room For B.A - III 45.5
4 4 Class Room For NAAC & IQAC 55.57
5 5 Class Room For B.A - II 58.5
6 6 NSS & Sport Dept. 23.85
7 7 Class Room For B.A - I and Including Multipurpose Hall 83.46
8 8 Room For Lab For Home Economics 51
9 9 Room For Reading and NRC Room 42
10 10 Room For Library and Stac 56.74
11 11 Rooms for Girls Common 27.45
12 12 Room For Office 29.25
13 13 Ladies Toilet For Students 27
14 14 Gents Toilet For Students 29.25
15 Toilet for Gents Staff 23.53
16 Toilet for Gents Staff
17 Toilet for Ladies Principal
18 Entrance Space 48.03
19 Open Court Yard Space 243.85

Drinking Water Arrangement :Water Cooler facility available.

Laboratories Facility :51 Sqm . Sufficient Home Economics Practical Laboratories is available and support other materials also available.

Culture Activity :One is open court yard space (26.42 x 9.23 = 243.85 MTR) are often used for culture Activities, conferences, seminars, workshops, training programmes and such other activities related to knowledge transfer within college.

Toilet arrangements :

  • Separate Gents Students Toilet

  • Staff Room Attach Toilet (Ladies & Gents)

  • Separate Principal room Toilet

  • Separate Ladies Students toilet

Academic Facility:   Library

Library at A Glance

1. Total No. of Books 3668
2 Total Reference Book 1128
3 Text Book 1429
4 Other Reading Materials 1111
5 Special Collection GiftedBook from Balirajya Chetana Abhiyan samite, Collector office,Yavatmal 101
6 Total No. of Title 2520
7 No.CD/DVD 31/18
8 No. of Journals & Magazine 17
9 No. of News Papers 05

Library Services

Library Software: - Lib-Man Cloud Base withApps base OPAC

Circulation Service Reference Service
News Paper Clipping Service Reading Room
C.D – ROM/CD service Online Information Service
Book Exhibitions Journal/Magazine/ Issue Return Service
University Old Paper Set Network Resource Centre
Library Computerization Open Access
Ex-Students Book Service Guidance about Competitive Exam
Inter library Loan OPAC APPs

Academic Facility:   Physical Education

The institute has adequate facilities for sports as indoor games, outdoor games and gymnasium. The sports facilities available in the college campus:

A) Indoor Games facilities : - i) Chess ii) Badminton

B) Outdoor Games facilities : - i) Kho- Kho ii) Kabaddi iii) Volleyball iv) Athletics

In addition to this equipment for Cricket, Athletics, Football are amply available for students. Along with our own playground we use playgrounds and a hall of NagarparishadDarwha for Badminton. The college has memorandum with Agriculture College, Darwha for Gymnasium and Play Ground.

Sr.No Facilities Area/Size Year of establishment
1 Kho-Kho Court Women 30m x 19m = 570 SQ.MT 2012-13
2 Kabaddi Court Women 12m x 10m =130 SQ.MT 2012-13
3 Volley Ball Court 9m x18m = 162 SQ.MT. 2012-13
4 Gym 6.10m x9.14m = 600SQ.MT. 2015-16

ICT - enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS, etc:

Total two rooms have ICT Base and other facilities are following.

Sr. No Room Name Facilities
1 B.A - I classrooms Personnel Laptop, LCD Projector & Router/Wifi, Audio system ( Movable )
2 NAAC & IQAC Room LCD Projector & LAN, Computer System’s, Audio system ( Movable )

Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi

ICT and other facilities are following

Sr. No. IT Facility Quantity
1 7 rooms LAN Connected
2 Scanner 1
3 Computer Desktop 12
4 Web Site 1
5 LG Exl. DVD R/W 1
6 Sound Systems 1
7 Printer + Scanner 2
8 Biometric Attendance Systems 1
9 Dell Projector 1220 1
10 D-Link Modem & Switch 1
11 Web Cam 1
12 Printer 2900 1
13 Camera 8
14 Laser Barcode Reader 1

At present Library Use following Software

Sr. No. Name of Software Quantity
1 LIB-MAN - Library Management System Software a software for automation of all in house functions of library 01
2 CCMS - Cloud Based College Management System Software 01

Network Resource Centre:

A network resource center of five computers is set up to facilitate ICT. It also has internet access (LAN Connected).Our college has one Network Resource Centre (NRC) equipped with updated IT facilities. It acts as a nodal centre to support all digital needs of the college. Students can access internet, web resources, and other typing work from college computer available at NRC.

Available bandwidth of internet connection in the Institution:

  • Our college has been using JioFi High Speed Jio Router
  • LAN configuration and speed 4mbps


For safety purpose 8 CCTV cameras are installed


Other more Services and facilities are available for students.