Politcal Science Department

About department

The department of political science has been established in 2001-2002. Prof. Ku. Labhaeshtwar madam on C.H.B Lecturer the beginning Department. 06/04/2005 Mr.JAIWANT PIRAJI JUKARE Full Time Lecturer has been appointed. Every year the political science study club is established. Through this club various programs of political & social awareness has been organized The remedial coaching class also working regularly through this department. Guidance for competitive exam is given through the facility of internet. Different programs are organized for the improvement. Seminar, Guest lecture are organized for the students.

Active participation in different programs in national and international level seminar and workshops. He is working in the internal exam department of the college. He takes active part in various programs organized in the college. He has Reregistion Ph.D. on jan 2011.


To empower students to contribute in strengthening Social, Economic & Political Democracy & Responcebail Citizen.

Aims& Objectives

Creating Leaders in a wide range of spheres by providing Democratic Values and high quality education.Creating Positive atmosphere for Unity in Diversity.

Providing Moral and Democratic Values or Principles for good Citizenship. Creating technologically equipped thought and Socio base action officials (Administrative) for Good governance.

Increasing Political awareness in the people through Socio base extension activates especially for the hilly area.


The Programme of B.A. Part I,II and III Year Examination.

Sr. No. Programme Level Name of the papers
1 B.A.-I U.G Indian Constitutional Provisions and Local Self Govt.
2 B.A.-II U.G Selected Constitutions and International Relation: UK,USA & China
3 B.A.-III U.G Modern Concept and Policy in India

Faculty Profile

Name of Teacher Mr. Jaiwant Piraji Jukare M.A. Pol-Sci. SET
Designation Assistant Professor & H.O.D. (Department of Political Science)
Date of Appointment 06/04/2005
Area of Specialization Panchatraj Wavashta & R.T.I., Indian Govt.& Politics.
Phone No. / Cell No 9011591368 , 07238- 255862
E-mail Address jpjukare@ rediffmal.com.
Teaching Experience 15 Yrs
Address (Residential) Vyankateshnagari Shivaji Nagar Darwha Dist Ytl.

Seminars / Conference attended

Name of the teacher




University/Dist/ Regional/College


Mr. Jaiwant Piraji Jukare











Departmental Activities

i) Co-curricular Activities.

ii) Field Base Study/Projects.

iii) Seminar.

iv) Group Discussion

v) Socio Base Extension Activities.

vi) Every Year Established B.O.S. College level.

vii)Socio Base Extension Activities.(Matdan Jan jagruti ralley.)

viii) RTI Act Week (06 Oct to 12 Oct)

ix)M.P.S.C. Class Workshop. Captiivate Exam.

x)Constitution Day

xi)Matdar Nav Nondani Abhiyan (each year)

xii)Human Rights Day

xiii)Ralley Of Female Feticide & Woman Harasssment

xiv)Yearly Best Student Awards

xv)Visit for Gramsabha near villages in Darwha Taluka parisar.

Departmental Profile